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there is no beginning to the story [entries|friends|calendar]
Kristina meow <3

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Attempt to continue, so far so good... [07 Aug 2007|01:06am]
[ mood | almost time for bed ]

Trying to get back into the groove of updating this thing regularly with... another damned survey!! Heh heh... ^^;;

Swiped from cherry_king~

Woo-hoo~! 40 questions BRING IT!!Collapse )

I'll have an actual entry coming soon, I mean it this time! :p Eh screw it, what's staying up a few more minutes gonna do? Hehe x3

Today was a pretty good day. Started out with Mom and I heading to Victoria's Secret in Suburban Square to switch out two bras I bought a few days ago (wrong size and the VS at the mall didn't have my correct mine ; ;), only to come home to find one of them has a damn rip in it! Augh! X_X;; So we're gonna go back when we wake up tomorrow.

Speaking of wrong sizes... Switched out a sweet pair of pants I got at Lady Foot Locker for a smaller size, and... now they're TOO small. Shame on me for leaving without trying them on ><;; I just can't win it seems ;_;'' What's even worse, is the associate who switched them out didn't do an actual exchange at the register. Which means...
Even if we went back to get another size or just take them back altogether, since the sku won't match up with the one on the receipt, they can pretty much assume we stole the stupid thing and not return it. Jackass guy ~.~;;

Oh geez I've said too much about clothes lmao... Parents decided that since I didn't get to come down during my 21st birthday, that they'd just take me clothes shopping as a present.

But trust me, I *still*, to this day, abhor clothes shopping. I hate it. Blah.


So yeah ^^; Tomorrow, we're gonna head up to Lehigh to see my daddy, and also I'm gonna get a glimpse of the training camp practice which should be pretty neat. I'm stoked about football season starting soon!

Well... I think the time has come for me to start heading to bed, I've put off sleepy-time too long hehe. I'll try to remember to do a catch-up entry tomorrow =d

Good night everyone ^^v

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Rising from the ashes! Again! XD [05 Aug 2007|12:29am]
[ mood | feeling pretty good ^^ ]

Thank you for the belated birthday wishes =) I'm 21 now w00t!

Also Happy Birthdays go out to everyone's whose b-days have passed, I know there've been quite a few eheh ^^;

Just a quickie entry, I really need to stop neglecting this thing... ^^;; Made a slight change to the profile, got a small promotion at my job (YEEAAAAHHH!! .....now where's my raise, biotches >.>;;;) I am alive and well, currently visiting my family in Pennsylvania, I now have a 3-4 month old baby brother :D He is absolutely adorable!! He's a little ham hehe.

Sometime before I leave to go back home to New Hampshire on Wednesday, I'll try to post a longer entry. I hope everyone is doing well, I do miss you guys ; ;

Cheers for now ^^

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A faint noise in the distance... [24 Oct 2006|02:23pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

Holy crap! o.o

Just a short post to say I am alive, breathing, and... I do still exist. Somewhere ^^;;

Re-worked my profile page a little hehe.

Ridiculously behind in all things anime and J/K/C/anime/etc-music, I think I'm back about 2 years or so T.T;; I really wish I could find a way to get back into them...

Next week, on my day off I will attempt to type a rather long post summarizing about 1-2 years' worth of events.

For now, I gotta run, my supervisor invited me to play laser tag with a few of his buddies, taking the 4 o'clock train to Market-East station to meet up with him. 20 years old and still no permit or license, I still can't fucking drive ; ;

Hehe but otherwise, I hope everyone has been doing well!


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Whoaaa...I'm back!? [01 Aug 2005|03:47pm]
[ mood | Good! ^^ ]

Holy crap it's been a while ^^;; Hey hey!!

First thing I wanna say is a big Happy Birthday! to any birthdays that have passed since April! (Nabi-chan, I'm thinking of you especially ^^ 18 now!!!!)

Quite a bit has happened since April...right now, I am unemployed, unenrolled in college, and am about to enter a world of financial hurt if I don't get a job soon ;_; I'm on a job search, but it's not looking too good unfortunately ._.

Another big thing that happened...Shaun let me go so I could be with Errick. Yes, after all of those years I am now finally with him lol :) Errick and I have been together for 4 weeks now, I love him so ^^ I'm really happy to be with him.

Shaun hasn't really been talking to me though, I think he may have decided to move on completely from me...I didn't want to let him go as a friend but if that's what he wants, I'm not going to force anything on him ._.

Hmm what else...oh yeah, I'm moving out of here by the end of the year. Eheh...

Currently playing Star Ocean: The Second Story. Friggin awesome RPG, I think I'm finally gonna cave in and say it has the best battle system I've ever played. @_@ I actually want to get into battles just because it's so fun XD Story's getting really good too! ^^ Hehe, more on SO2 after I've played a few more hours of it, I'm still pretty much in the beginning of the game ^^7

Alrighty, here's a survey! E-mailed to me by ramen_rules, hehe!

Survey time!Collapse )<lj user="ramen_rules> (Sarah-chan) for e-mailing this to meh =D 43. How are you today? In a better mood than usual, actually ^^; 44. favorite drink? Cherry coke @_@ 45. Favorite alcoholic drink? I don't drink XD 47. Hair color? Black 48. Eye color? Brown 49. Do you wear contacts? Yes, I hate my glasses ;_; 50. Siblings? Nope, I'm only! xP 51. Favorite month? November. Nice weather and Thanksgiving :D Go big-ass turkey dinner XDDD 52. Favorite food? OMG MOZZERELLA STICKS AND I LOVE GUMMY BEARS JUST AS MUCH OMG O.O ::calms down:: ...heh heh ^^;;; 53. Last movie you watched? Shaun of the Dead XDDD Great movie. 54. Summer or Winter? Winter, beautiful snow and I prefer colder weather, sweat is icky x.x 55. Hugs or Kisses? Awwww hard choice, hard choice... T-T Kisses, because you still hug the other person while doing so ;P 56.Do you want your friends to write back? Of course! 57. Who's most likely to respond? Not sure ^^'7 58. Who's least likely to respond? See above ::point:: 59. Living arrangements? In an apartment, with my parents. We don't get along well unfortunately... 60. What book or magazine are you reading? 'Negative Blue' by C.D. Wright. Great poetry ^^ 61 What's on your mouse pad? Philadelphia Eagles!! WHOOO!! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!! 62. Favorite board game? {Hmmm.} Can't really remember at the moment... ^^; Too many video games `.`; 63. Last thing you watched on TV? Family Guy, the funniest cartoon ever. 64. What is you goal in life? Get myself back on track with college, get a degree and live a wonderful, happy life with Errick ^^ </lj-cut> Alright, time to put my computer away so I don't get caught on here lol ^^; []Deace!

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Is it heavier than air? [15 Apr 2005|10:10pm]
[ mood | I'm alright... ]

::makes mental note to check her phone for messages tonight:: ><



Well...just found out today that if I'm not enrolled in a college soon (like...by the end of next month), I'm losing ALL of my insurance in June.

Not...good... ._.

I'm gonna apply to CCP as soon as I finish this heh <.<

It sucks though because as of now I don't have enough money to afford contacts OR updated lenses for my glasses. I'm currently wearing glasses with a prescription I've had for over a damn year, and my contacts ran out near the beginning of this year.

Contacts are $100. CCP application fee is $20.

Okay I have $100 in my bank account right now, and $20 on me. So after I apply I'm only gonna have $100 total.



There are fucking ANTS in the room. Wtf.

It's not just my side it's Christy's side too O_o A few days ago I saw this (no lie) 3-4in silverfish crawling on the floor. Huge fucker.

I can't wait to get out of this hellhole. Two more weeks...


Well I finally got my level back in FFXI, yay!!! Jason pl'ed me back to 18 ^.^ If he's on tonight he's gonna pl me to level 19 so I can pt with his RDM (who's also level 19...well, as of right now there's only a 1 level difference between us, so we CAN pt now if we wanted...but he doesn't wanna gimp any of my exp ^^).

Bought a Small Sword at the AH yesterday too. Level 19, 13dmg, 226delay, and +2dex. FUCK YES!!!

Yeah so it's not 15dmg like the Iron Sword +1 I was gonna buy (and it was level 18 meaning I could've used it now), but come on! PLUS 2 DEX. Couldn't pass that sucker up ^.^

I'll gladly take that hehe. {Additional}{Dexterity}{Yes, please.} = {Sneak Attack}{Impossible to gauge} XD

...okay okay okay so it's not THAT strong yet but hey I can dream ^^;

Finally got sold on using Monk as a sub, heh. I still think it's a boring job (even though I do love Counter and H2H...which makes it messed, you'd think I'd love Monk lmao), but jesus it's a marvelous sub for me. Stacked Boosts + SA + Weapon Skill (the WS if there's no lag meaning I can engage from far back mwahaha) = ::drool:: I'll just say during the pl yesterday, I did 193 damage to an IT Zu.

That's right, did Boost + Sneak Attack + Combo for 193 damage on that bird. I can't believe I didn't screencap that, that's my new record.

So yeah...WAR, I love ya as a job, fun as hell, but...Monk's the sub for me (until RNG anyway XD). And I'm gonna be H2H after I cap my dagger and sword skills after each job hehe. Right now my Dagger, Sword *and* H2H skills are capped so I'm good to go until level 19 ^^v I can't WAIT for 25 for the Flee ability, that's going to kick ass! And level 20, CHOCOBOS OMG!!!

Heh heh I love my job in FFXI...I'm so excited, level 30's gonna be great too, Ranger =D Also gonna give Dark Knight and Beastmaster a whirl too ^^ I might have to do Ninja, but I don't have an interest in it...meh =\ I wanna be THF/RNG. Ranged weapons are quite fun ^^

Can't wait to see what's in store for me in FFXI tonight... ^^

With that here's two screencaps from last night! ^^

Jason and I pwning an Air elemental & Armin's train XDCollapse )

Well, I'm gonna kill time until tonight doing something. And check my messages sometime... <.<



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The Path to Jeuno...but it all ends there for now. [13 Apr 2005|06:20pm]
[ mood | =( ]

...i made it.

it was a difficult journey, but memorable indeed.

it's like a rite of passage for all ffxi players...hehe. and i finally walked it.

The Road...to Jeuno.Collapse )

I love the world in this game...hehe.

I signed off soon after, not really much I could do there. My connection was lagging like a mother there, and there was NO WAY IN HELL I was gonna try to run back to Windy on my own what with there still being lag on my end ><

Dammit I *hate* my connection here >< !!! I can't wait to play this at home...

It really sucks...to make it this far in the game yet still be so behind where you should be. To make it this far and see people you crossed paths with pass you, but know you'll never be able to reach them. to make it this far...and know that you're not gonna be able to go anywhere else now. That's it, I'm stuck, I'm done until I attain more levels.

I'm so close to Qufim, Armin even said I could still land a party there at 18 (hell Jason said he'd seen level 16s there), but I can't party there. I can't party at all. All of the times I've done that people have died because I couldn't perform my role correctly. Yes, me. I was a WAR, I was a WHM, both important jobs in any party and I could barely do shit.

It's like Dunes...I run through there all the time (hellhole of a place lmao), and I *ALWAYS* want to just stop and put my flag up. I don't have this drive to gain levels because I wanna be the most uber player, I want to gain levels so I can do more, and see more, be able to better help others who have maybe just started and want an escort somewhere...Jason's even passed me. He was level 26 and in Kazham when I last spoke to him.

I just thought...well I have quite a few linkpearls...

~Shaun's old and broken one (my first pearl, I'm never letting that one go)
~LittleFeathers (had it equipped for a while but didn't really like the people on it... =\ It is a HUGE linkshell, been around for over a year, highly active, I know I would've had many great oppurtunities and done many things if I stayed in this, but I just wasn't really fond of the members on it or the atmosphere O.o)
~ChurchOfZifnab (now here's a linkshell I did like, and decided to keep equipped for a while. Very kind members, hey I remember they were even talking about anime once :D But even still I just can't seem to fit in here O.o They've had some events but I can't do them, I'll have that problem for a while now but still...eh...I doubt I'll be going anywhere in this linkshell, I'll up for giving it a really good chance when I'm on a good connection at home)
~RedAngelsGuild (the ls that me and Jason are running ^^ ...but he's doing NOTHING with it, I recruited 2 members in 2 days, both newbies at the game that I helped in Windy hehe, set the damn message, thought of like 5 ideas of events and he's only recruited one person...and never even logged into it x.x I do understand he's heavily involved with his other ls but if you own a linkshell...why am I doing more of the work lol =\)
~LilGreenCactuars (the ls that Steve and one of his friends started ^^ I'm actually gonna have this one equipped more often because of Steve, but their levels...good god x_x I must be on at horrible times because I never really see anyone on this ^^; Ah...)

The whole linkshell thing just doesn't seem to be flying with me. I don't know why, maybe it is my levels and inability to actually do shit in the game, but right now it's not really working out =[

I really wanna ask Steve if he can give me a little PL (at the least I wanna get level 18 back) but he's not on during the hours I get a decent connection anymore ._.

I know I'm FAR from where Shaun and Steve are, but even still I dream about how cool it'd be to party with them or at least watch all of the cool stuff they do at their level. Steve's gonna be decked out in AF soon hopefully, he's already gotten his first piece I think, awesome =) Shaun too, but he's gotta get back on... ; ;

I just hope that when I finally reach those levels they're still around in Vana'diel...

I've always wanted to play this game since it came out for PC years ago, I held out, waited some more...then at the beginning of this year I just kept being subject to Steve and Shaun always talking about their happenings in FFXI. It's not that I didn't wanna hear it, I even asked them how they were doing and for them to tell me their stories, I thought it was all so cool...then I just caved in and decided to get the game. I know my money was low and even worse now but I just wanted to try it out. I had a newfound reason to start playing it.

But now I wonder if I'm ever gonna have that chance in the game. I will still keep playing probably until I see at the least most of the stuff contained in the Zilart expansion but if they're not playing...as much as I'll miss Jarlyn, Justin, Jason (wow...all 'J's rofl XD), and everyone else I'm sure to meet, I may decide to finally let my character be erased from the records of Caitsith ._.

Many times I've sat in my mh or lonely in the fields of Sarutabaruta, La Theine, and Konschtat just watching the sunrise and sunset. (Though I've watched countless with Steve hehe =^^=) But now it seems I take runs from Windy to Sandy and back not really because I actually HAVE to go there...but because I just want something to do, something to kill time.

Even in an MMORPG you can feel this lonely... ._.

When I get my mage jobs to 10 I'm just gonna sit there and wonder what the hell am I gonna do now...

...meh. Now I think I'm just rambling ><

Well, I'm gonna eat soup or something. Hungry @.@


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Random FFXI Screenshot ^^ [06 Apr 2005|09:07pm]
[ mood | -.-zzz ]

Have around $20 left now...bought more stuff at Rite-Aid...damn, if I don't go home and get more money this weekend I am SCREWED.


Sarah-chan, I'll have that SOAD entry for you soon! Just gotta figure out which songs to upload for ya... ^^;


Alright! Anywhoodles...here's a random screenshot from FFXI ^^ An old screenshot, we don't even look like this anymore lol ^^; (And I take much better quality screenshots now... >.>)

Steve and I camping Stray Mary
Steve and I in Konschtat Highlands camping NM Stray Mary
Februrary 21st, 2005

Yeah, this one is pretty old, we've both had 2 major armor and weapon upgrades since this, heh (and gained quite a few levels too). We never got to see Mary...we went to camp Lizzy after this, didn't see her either, but it was still fun hanging together that night ^^

Jason (Drako) went to Jueno for the first time today!! His LS took him there ^^ I hope I get to see Jueno someday, I heard it was a really nice city, I can't wait! I might ask Steve to take me over, maybe this weekend or so if I end up staying here...

Alright, sleep is taking over me (and I don't think I'm gonna be on FFXI much tonight...kinda late for me to be taking my daily nap...damn I hope I wake up by midnight lmao), so I'm gonna go lay down ^^;

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BYOBs and Cigaros, yo! ...and I need to eat better... [04 Apr 2005|06:19pm]
[ mood | eh, alright... ]


SOAD sounds...a little different.

...I like it!!! :D

Downloaded 'Cigaro' and 'B.Y.O.B.' (both from their upcoming Mesmerize album, one half of their double album release this year...the second album to be released is Hypnotize) today...I really like them! I personally prefer Cigaro, hehe, but BYOB is still good stuff ^^v Definitely nice that they've changed up their sound a bit, still up-and-in-your-face and political of course, heh, but they have Daron singing more than before...and the music...aahh you just gotta hear it! Man oh man I can't wait for their new album, May 17th will not come fast enough...oh boy!!

I love SOAD ^^


Alright, now to not-so-good stuff...

Had a bit of a scare earlier today. Alright...about 98% of yesterday was spent sleeping, literally. As a result of me sleeping like a log all day, I didn't eat AT ALL yesterday, I didn't even drink anything...woke up after midnight (today/early early morning today), and as soon as I sat up in bed, I felt like I was gonna collapse. I just lay back down and closed my eyes for a bit...opened them again, and once again felt like complete and total shit. Climbed down from my bed, and took every single inch of effort for me to NOT just collapse on the ground. I knew right away, it was the lack of food.

Felt exactly the same way as I did when I fainted a few years ago in the bathroom of all places...thank god I didn't hit my head on the sink, toilet or tub or something...

Went to brush my teeth, and the whole time I did that, I kept falling and leaning on the wall and the sink, my body was just trying to shut down completely. I fought it, it was hard but I did manage to make it back...I grabbed some chocolate and a can of Coke, figured I needed some quick sugar, and climbed back up in bed and ate and drank. I slowly started to feel slightly better...I took about a 20 min or so nap (it was about 2am-ish I believe?), then climbed down, still a little woozy, but it was easier to walk around at least...put on some Chef Boyardee ravioli, and ate. Felt A LOT better after that (I'll just say...felt better enough to stay on FFXI for the next 5-6 hours ;p).

By afternoon today I was completely fine ^^

I know my eating habits here suck ass. Ever since I threw up the food from the cafeteria twice in a row I never went back there again. So now I just live off soups, ramen, cup noodles, oatmeal, Chef Boyardee, soda and whatever snacks I have...I bought a Bowl Apitit a few days ago, chicken pasta flavored...I wanna make the food last though (as well as not get sick of eating soups all day O_o), so I started eating less and less to the point I'd go all day eating just one "meal". Maybe snacks during the day, but for the most part I'd make myself last off one packet of ramen or one cup noodles per day. Somedays I didn't even eat soup, just snacks and soda all day.

Soon after I started that, there'd be days I'd eat practically nothing. We're talking like...a soda and a few cookies, that's it all day. Hell I've went a few days just drinking sodas and a bottle of water.

Just as long as I didn't go into that damned cafeteria...I didn't wanna throw up that food again...

Well, now I have what just happened last night/early morning today. Could barely fucking walk, it was seriously a damn miracle I didn't faint and go unconscious on the floor.

So now I've decided I am gonna make the effort to eat more regularly at least...yet still avoid the damn cafeteria x_x (Yes, I'm that scarred from upchucking my food those times -.-;;) Unfortunately my money's going down fast, too fast, I wanted to buy a pizza but it'd be 7 dollars, and if I added mozzerella sticks it'd jack it up to 12...well, that price can actually buy me enough snacks to last me at least half a week from Rite-Aid, hell maybe even a 12-pack or two of sodas.

I really wanted that fucking pizza though. ;_;

I just got billed $20 bucks for the first month of FFXI ($20 for the first month only, because you pay for the initial content ID to actually make a character and have a POL account which was about $8-$9, then $13 for the regular month after the trial expires...from now on it'll just be the normal $13 a month to play), so now I have about $100 on my bank account. I need contacts, that's $100 right there. Can't fucking afford them. I have no checks so I can't deposit anything (my mom has them -.-) I'd only deposit like 10 bucks or something but hey, it's better than nothing, I'm trying to work with what little I have =\

So yeah...the occasional treat to pizza...no can do for now. Well...meh, I might cave in, who knows. Want...pepperoni pizza...

I also still wanna go home to see Errick again, despite the fact it'll cost me $12 I don't care at this point, just as long as I have enough to go see him...I need to call him...I gotta talk to him...

I need to send a text message to Becky too...damn I'm so lazy ^^;



Ooohhh, can't mention NOTHING about my wanderings in FFXI hehe. Well...I still need to type up my adventures from last week (which I'll do sometime, and with screenshots!! ^^), but I wanna say "YAY!!" because I finally spoke to Steve again for a bit yesterday and the day before =D!! Oh man I was so happy to get those /tells from him, it'd been so long since I'd spoke to him, like a week actually, heh...but he said he wasn't feeling too great =[ So I sent a flower to his mog house to hopefully cheer him up a bit ^^ I told Jarlyn I was sending him a flower since he wasn't in a good mood, and she sent him one too :D (Said it was because of how nice I talked of/about him hehe, that she wouldn't wanna hear about him being in such a bad mood, so she wanted to help him feel better as well =^.^= Jarlyn rocks!) He got the flowers yesterday, and he liked them ^^ He left a little early to film stuff for a skate shoot :O!

I hope to talk to him again soon and camp more nms with him sometime ^^

Current job levels:


Mage play ain't bad, I really like it hehe. I also like BLM a lot more than I thought I would; I still prefer WHM though, I love throwing out Cures and Protects to people ^^ I can't wait to get Raise...

I guess DRK really is a possible option at this point...who knows, PLD maybe? Because tanking is fun ^.^ Heh heh we'll see, I'll probably end up trying out all of the jobs eventually...

But I know this for sure: I'll always love THF =^.^= And that WILL be the first job I get up in the high levels and grab my AF for.


Oh yeah regular level 1 crossbow bolts jumped from 1k to 1.5k. Goddamn bastards who jack up the price -_- By the time I'm RNG it's gonna be ridiculous...I swear when my Woodworking skill gets high enough to make bolts I'm gonna try to lower the price, 1.5k for level 1 bolts is just fucking unnecessary.

Economy in the game is screwed...


Well, I'm about to take a nap...hopefully now that I actually ate food today I should wake up before midnight or so so I can be on AIM at a reasonable time...eheh ^^;


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[30 Mar 2005|10:43pm]
[ mood | ...? ]

Ever get that feeling that there's something missing?
That something's gotta go? That something needs to change?

Or that something just isn't...right?

...yeah, I have that feeling right now ._.

I wish I knew just *what*, though...

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Send transmission to the one-armed scissor? [29 Mar 2005|03:33pm]
[ mood | =\ ]

flesh-marked patches of wrapped paper around a worn heart
frigid hands like soft wollen skin grasp on rough leather
breeches that fail to give way to light's deceitful sight

stained words and feathered voices mark a once stale air
ruin its clarity, puncture small holes of tears and desperation
which only derive from misery's favorite companion

lost within its own silent reverie, never again knowing
the sensation of sincerity's pure embrace.

Wrote that last night while listening to "To Tell the Truth" from then Ghost in the Shell ~Stand Alone Complex~ song. I mention the song because the words started to come to me while it was playing...definitely influenced the mood of it...it was also inspired by how I was feeling at the time...man I go through the strangest moods sometimes ><

On other things... ^^;

God dammit I hate the heating system here -.-''

During the winter time when we actually needed heat, it only worked about 40-50% of the time. When you have a roommate who for some reason that I don't even think God understands likes to OPEN the windows so it's Arctic chill all the time, it sucks!! ><

But now that the temperatures are starting to rise a bit (we had a mild winter...the last few winters have been strangely mild, hmmm), our heater works a little too well.

I woke up today covered in fucking sweat [/tmi] X_x Which really sucks because I was gonna try to see someone this week...



I played the living shit and hell out of FFXI this weekend. I'll type about that later, heh, don't feel like remembering it all at the moment ^^;

However, I missed last night, I fell asleep way early since Shaun signed on AIM literally right when I had my cursor hovering in my away messages to put my 'Sleep' one up ^^; So I got no sleep before midnight, and as a result, at 2am...boom crash, Kristina's knocked the hell out on her bed XD

Normally I would've just shrugged that off, but...DRAKO WAS ON FFXI LAST NIGHT AND I MISSED HIM ; ; Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh the ONE night I'm not on, god dammit GAH shitty timing >_< He lives in the UK so he's 6 hours ahead, so he's always on during the *day*, when my college's OIT says "Fuck your connection!!" and I usually can't even sign onto POL ;_; I'm on when he's either asleep or at work lol.

He called in sick from work *just* so he could actually be online at the same time as me...and I sleep through it...

Gah I'm pissed >< I feel horrible...

(Number of times Kristina has been pissed off this week due to something going wrong because of sleep: 2 ^^;)

And it's only Tuesday... `.`;


Off to play Viewtiful Joe and maybe even eat something ("O_O SHE'S EATING. ::hell freezes over::")



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... [27 Mar 2005|10:00pm]
[ mood | kinda pissed... > ]


Dad called me Saturday morning like, right when I woke up, asking me when I was going home for the weekend. I was completely out of it (who can actually think straight right when they wake up x.o) and said no, I didn't wanna come home.

Well, turns out he was gonna surprise me with a brand, shiny new PSP when I got home.

So instead he's just gonna keep it.

. . . . . . .




/cry (again)

/cry (some more)


(Gonna get this out of the way, if you talk to me in the next few days and I'm kinda grumpy...this is why -_- I'm so pissed off about this right now lol)

Ooh, erm...I hope everyone had a good Easter O_o

::runs off::

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[25 Mar 2005|03:43pm]
[ mood | ... ]

I just played FFXI for 14 hours straight.

Aaaaiiiieeee @_@ It was pretty fun though...hehe.

And now I'm tired as hell...I'm off to bed.


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More from Vana'diel-land~ [24 Mar 2005|12:30pm]
[ mood | ... ]

This song brings back memories, hehe...I really hope we get to sit there sometime again...

Aahhh hell I'm tired ^^;

Anywho...umm, FFXI, right <.<

So yesterday I didn't really do too much. Saw Mord and Mayana while I was in Sandy yesterday ^^ Of course, my connection was fucking up because of all of the people around the AH, so I didn't get all of Mord's tells >< ( I told him that I had a crappy connection so I really hope he doesn't think I ignored him or anything ._.)

I decided to run all the way back alone from Sandy to Windy, not only to kill some time, but because my Signet had worn off and I needed some crystals and Conquest Points. The run was fun, took a while hell yeah, but fun nonetheless ^^

Just so you all know Buburimu Peninsula SUCKS x.x

I think I actually hate running through there MORE than through the damn dunes O_o

But anywhoodles...yeah ^^; We got attacked on the boat too. Invaded by Crossbones/Ship Wights. Thank goodness I was on the other side of the boat, because those damn things were checking at IT O.O I would've gotten pizzerownd. x.x;;

God I CANNOT wait until I get Flee. I will be using that like a motherfucker lol, I'm actually trying to think of a good macro for it now ^^' So far in the game I've seen "/em is Uber Speedy" and "/say they call me sonic..." Damn, I was actually thinking of the sonic one too...hmm...I don't know, it'll probably come to me ^^;

I know it's not needed but blah, macros are fun =p I'd probably end up NOT using it *every* time heh, just to help cut down the spam a bit ^^;

So yeah, I got back to my home in Windurst, brought my moogle back over and fought a bit to gain some experience and get crystals. Oh yeah, and get this:

Windurst is third, THIRD, in the Vana'diel conquest.

NOOOOOOOOO ; ; Augh, damn you San d'Orians and Bastokans for knocking us down from first to last!! Nooooo ;_;

Ahhh I will have Signet cast on me as much as I can!! This is terrible, for shame, how can my fellow Windurstians let this happen, nooo ._.


So yeah, yesterday. Ran back to Windy from Sandy alone and lived. Geez, I remember when I first told Steve and Shaun that I'd taken Jarlyn to Sandy a few days ago, the FIRST question they both asked me was, "Did you guys make it there without dying?" I mean COME ON have more FAITH in me god dammit e.e;;;;;

Oh yeah, got my Woodworking skill to level 1 also. w00t on my way to making the good stuff ^^ It's a long way, but hey I'm on the start. I might take up Smithing too...

So, now to earlier today (meaning starting from like 2am lol):

Got my Warrior up to level 10. {All right!} Ditched the leather gear and bought scale mail...ooooo she REALLY looks like a tank now ^^ And of course I didn't take a picture of Yulana in the new scale mail, aahhh >< I'd go in now but she's in her skimpy starting outfit... <.< (There's a reason for that lol, I'll get to it in a bit :p) I really like the way the scale armor looks on her hehe. I'll take a picture of her tonight ^^

After that, I had to get back to Sandy. Jarlyn was still there >< (And so was her hp) And of course, me being the huge worrywart I am, I put my hp back in WINDY WOODS >< !!!! So I couldn't ghetto warp as a naked lvl 1 BLM ; ; (...no, I'm not kidding haha. I switch my job to BLM, unequip EVERYTHING, then run out, poke some random monster and let it kill me, then I warp back to hp. All hail the ghettowarp XD) I go out, shout a few times for a Tele-Holla, even bumped the price up to 1000gil...nothing ._. So I /told Jarlyn I had to run there on my own. I didn't bother switching to my 17THF for safety, thought it'd take too long with my connection (well...bah, I just didn't feel like it then re-arranging all my shit in the safe -.-). So I started to run to Mhaura. Made it, hehe. Also there waiting for the boat, was a Taru named Soloment. I had seen him earlier today as I had gotten my Warrior to level 10, he threw me a few Cures and Protects ^^v We talked for a bit, and me and Jarlyn got into some really personal conversation...it turns out she met her boyfriend online too!! They're living together now ^^

So after the calm boat ride (even though in the last minute or so of it, it actually started to thunderstorm, there was lightning O.O), the boat docked in Selbina. Me and Soloment were the only ones on it at the time ^^; He gave me a final Protect, and waved /goodbye, as he went there to party in the dunes ^^ I just ran on through to La Theine Plateau, then to West Ronfaure, and eventually to South San d'Oria, where Jarlyn was waiting for me ^^

Took care of some business at the ah, and I gave her my Bronze Axe for her Warrior ^^ I put all of my leather gear on auction there, then we decided we'd level our other jobs a bit. So she switched to WAR, and I switched to WHM since it was closest to her WAR's level (her war = lvl 2, my whm = lvl 4). She left her starting gear in her storage back at Windy so she had to run to the store in her underwear (lmao), and buy bronze gear ^^; And I was stuck with my skimpy and revealing-as-all-hell Mithran starting gear, I had sold my other mage gear since I was running out of space >o<

She leveled to 4 (nice), and I got my healing magic to level 2 XD Soon after that Jarlyn had to log, and I logged a while after.

Steve sent me another 'Good morning' /tell before I logged, yaayy ^^

Hehe one more thing...JARLYN SHE SAW THE SUMMONER RAINBOW OVER THE CRAG OF HOLLA!!!!!!! Aaaahhhh ; ; That's so rare!! She took a screenshot, I can't wait to see it ^.^

I'm probably gonna just level my MNK a bit and do some synthesis tonight while waiting for Jarlyn to log on. I hope Steve and I get to camp nms again too...

Anywho...I'm tired...I'm hungry...I'm gonna sleep in a bit.


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Even more proof I've never seen ANYTHING in my life... [23 Mar 2005|11:55pm]
So just what HAVE I seen?Collapse )

Yeah, A TON of movies I haven't seen yet ^^;; Anyone wanna loan me some DVDs? =3

Heh heh ^^;

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Time wasters part [insert random number here] [22 Mar 2005|10:00pm]
[ mood | ... ]

Augh, I swear me and phones just don't get along well x_x;; Becky, I'm sorry I didn't answer the phone I had the thing on silent yet again and it was in my pocketbook, I didn't hear it >< And Rachel...at 4pm, I was asleep ^^;;;

I wonder if I should actually buy a phone line when I move into an apartment, because seriously I suck with phones v.v'''


I are bored, so I am going to fill out surveys, w00t.


The 'Check-off-what-you've-done' listCollapse )


This survey kinda sucked, but whatever ^^;Collapse )


Here's something different...


Kisses survey/list thingCollapse )


Freaking POL update, bah >< I hope it doesn't take too long later on...

I think I'm gonna go play some Viewtiful Joe to pass the time.


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The trip to San d'Oria with Jarlyn ^^ [21 Mar 2005|09:15pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY psychic_river!!!

Hehe ^^


Now for my travels in FFXI! ^^;

Finally took Jarlyn to San d'Oria last night. It was a really fun trip! Made it there without dying, we didn't even get aggro the whole time (not even in Buburimu Peninsula, which SUCKED >< All those fucking gobs, I remember there was a Gambler, a Mugger, a Leecher, and a tough Butcher all in a damn row on the road once x_x). *Just* made the boat in Mhaura too, it departed about 10 seconds after we boarded O.O

Boat ride to Selbina

That's Jarlyn and I looking back at our homeland of Windurst as we sailed to Selbina. I noticed that you could see Heaven's Tower in the distance (it's the big tree out on the land)...I thought that was really cool, such detail in FFXI @_@ Very nice, calm and peaceful boat ride...it was a beautiful day out, no rain or anything, calm waters and skies ^^ There were only like, 6 people on the boat, and this one Taru DRK kept catching all sorts of monsters ^^;

We arrived in Selbina, and trekked through Valkurm Dunes (not before going on /anon heh...I'm level 17, she's level 14, so we probably would've gotten invites there ;x). Didn't see many monsters there but we joked about the evil sheep (because yes, EVERYONE thinks the sheep are evil, and they are =P).

And then...La Theine Plateau ^^ It was nighttime, but I told her that it's a much more beautiful place during the day with the sun out ^^ Took her to the Crag of Holla so she could get the crystal, then we ventured up towards West Ronfaure, but not before laying waste to a few Orcs, and spotting a "Battering Ram" XD (Which was Tough to me...thank god it didn't see us, rams are aggro I believe o.o;). Made it to foggy-as-hell West Ronfaure (Jarlyn: "Does anyone else feel like they just stepped into a Silent Hill game?"), and I ran right in the middle of an Orc camp, sorta forgetting they would've aggro'ed Jarlyn because of her level >< !! Thankfully, the mobs in Ronfaure are kinda on the weak side, so it was no problem getting rid of them ^^v

A few minutes later, we finally made it to Sandy, and we brought our moogles over and she logged off for the night.

While I was in the mog house, I got a /tell from Steve =D! He'd logged on for a bit to check his auctions...after he finished with that, he flew over to Sandy from Jueno to come visit me, and we met up outside the Carpenters' Guild ^^ He also got new armor! It looks sweet!!

Me and Steve outside the Woodworking guild

That's us in Sandy, hehe ^.^ I was so happy to see Steve again *^^* That made my night, what a great way to end the time on FFXI that day =)

He logged shortly afterwards, and I logged too, as my connection was starting to get shitty T-T

Not sure what I'm gonna do tonight, Jarlyn might head over to the Dunes so she can catch up her level with mine, and we'll probably head back to Tahrongi or maybe even Buburimu to take on some mobs together. Maybe I'll do some synthesis or level up Warrior for a bit...I'm saving leveling Monk for when I can do that with Jarlyn, she's leveling her Warrior as well so we're just gonna level those together ^^


Well, I'm gonna kill time until about 1am or so...

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Random FFXI Screenshot for ye~ [21 Mar 2005|12:21am]
[ mood | bored ]

While I'm killing time waiting for a decent time to hop on FFXI (school night = vicious lag before 1am *at the earliest* x_x), here's a screenshot for you ^^ Taken March 14th, while Steve was taking me to the Spook camp spot in King Ranperre's Tomb and to San d'Oria for my first time.

La Theine Plateau
La Theine Plateau

Hehe, just noticed you can see a little bit of the Crag of Holla on the right...the Crags are really cool ^^v I'll never forget when I saw a Crag for the first time, it was the Crag of Mea...

I love taking scenic screenshots in this game, Vana'diel is so beautiful ^^
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When pts go bad... [20 Mar 2005|10:50am]
[ mood | bored again... ]

Jarlyn didn't sign on at all tonight...damn, and my connection was damn-near perfect for the trip ._.

Steve was on, but he was already camping an nm (and he got a drop!! ^^), and he went to level. He finally hit level 50, {All right!}

Congratulations, Steve ^^v Good luck on your Genkai quests!

I'm going broke in this game, fast...ammo, WHM spells, Mog House furnishings (I needed the space, bad), sythesis materials and gear (I have THREE sets of gear now O_o;) just drained my gil fast as hell. Damn...

Fought Canyon Crawlers in Tahrongi Canyon for a bit, but it was really because I wanted their drops. I then thought, "dammit, I want 18!!!!", so I went to the other side to fight tougher mobs. I attack a Wild Dhamel, making sure no others were around it, and...my conn just, farts. Dropped to zero for a few seconds. Next thing I know, I've got not one, not two, but FOUR fucking dhamels link attacking me, and since my connection was being fucked up I couldn't activate Perfect Dodge.

Needless to say, after I died, I thought "fuck it...", and decided to try to level Warrior. I've pretty much come to terms I've never gonna get level 18 at this rate so I've basically given up on leveling Thief at the moment... ._.

So I switched my jobs in my Mog House, then went out to the wide open fields of East Sarutabaruta to hack away at shit. Encountered a Mithra 6THF named Brunyld who offered to party...I accepted of course, and we fought away at a few mobs. Eventually a taru WHM/BLM named Zakaru sent me a /tell asking to pt with us, and I invited him in ^^ Then he made the suggestion that we go out to Tahrongi Canyon.

Big, big, just plain big...mistake.

When we got there, first, he had to go afk for a bit...and during that time, the THF had to leave, so it was just me and Zakaru. first mob we encountered RAPED us X_X Yeah I was voking, but the strength of the monster...well, after the dumb Strolling Sapling dropped us, we just HP'ed, and decided maybe we needed more members ^^; So I invited a 6SMN/WHM (Sylphsephir), and the THF eventually came back! {All right!} The party:

7WAR (Me)

So maybe we could finally take those Tahrongi mobs!

...not. -_-;;

Got raped by a Mandy this time, it died sure, but not before killing three of us *right* before Brun delivered the killing blow. She only had 6HP left too, heh. We lasted a lot longer with the summoner, but the mobs were just too much, and Zakaru said before disbanding and logging, "Maybe we shouldn't be a pt". Sylph eventually agreed, but he said he liked us ^^ So Brun logged, Sylph hp'ed back to Bastok and logged, and I hp'ed and decided to go back to my regular job (17THF), get a Tele-Holla, and go to Sandy to maybe try working on crafting.

Why Sandy you may ask? Well...it IS the place where Carpenters' Guild is ^^; So they'd have more materials. Trust me when I say that Windy is SHIT at providing woodworking supplies. It sucks -_- I love my country, but damn... ^^;

So I got a Tele-Holla and ran to Sandy. Brought my Moogle over, and saw a strange sight, a PC as a...Forest Hare? Wtf? It actually hoped around in circles around me for a bit o.o''

Anyway... ^^;; I went to the auction house, and OMG they had arrowwood logs!! Windy didn't have any of those for auction!! ^^;

Bought 1, went to mog house, and tried to make arrows...only to see "Synthesis cancelled, combination not correct" or some shit like that.

I was kinda pissed >< Damn Brady guide. And I wasn't in the best mood after the party disaster... ._.

So I stood in the rent-a-room for a while...really bored, really lonely (Steve had long since logged out, Drako was in Dunes but no way I was gonna travel all the way over there at that time, it was like 7am-ish I think), and I had no will to level anything, so I just logged.

But hehe, I'm in Sandy so at least it'll make it easier for me to meet up with Steve if he's camping nms again tonight...


And that was my night ^^;

So now, I will go to sleep in the next hour or so, and hopefully eat, I'm sleepy and starving. Nice combo, eh?


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Bored yay woo wee fun~! [19 Mar 2005|04:54pm]
[ mood | bored... ._. ]

Alright, I *must* find the game trailer that this kick-ass song goes to. It's a Konami game, it must be Japan only though because I've never read about it... o.o? It's called 'Oz'. That's all I know ^^;

::reminds self to do Google search later::

Parents are leaving for Las Vegas tonight...they're staying for a week.

I can't get a good connection in FFXI at the moment...bah...I'll wait until like 11 or so to start signing on again to check if I can get a stable connection...but I doubt it...I should seriously wait until midnight or 1am, a little earlier than usual (weekdays it's like, after 2, hell 4am even =\), but on Saturday nights it's usually A LOT better since people are out and such.

I'm gonna take Jarlyn to San d'Oria tonight ^^ It should be really fun!! I hope we get to La Theine at a lucky time and see the Summoner rainbow! That'd be fucking awesome ^___^! Really really ridiculously small chance that may actually happen but hey, you never know...

Also gonna send Steve a POL message asking if he's gonna be on late tonight, I really hope we get to camp nms together again ^.^

In fact... ::opens up POL:: ...heh heh, might as well get it started so I don't forget, I hate my terrible memory ^^;;;;;;;;

So for now I'm just gonna play and hopefully finish or get close to finishing Viewtiful Joe, then I can officially start bothering Errick for the second one or Devil May Cry 3 ;D

Speaking of Errick...The Incredibles came out on DVD...I think I'm gonna ask him if we can watch it sometime, we were supposed to see it in the movies together but I was asleep when he called to invite me with him... ^^;;;

And we gotta meet up again sometime... =)

And Becky!! I don't have a lot of money for transportation or anything >< We gotta figure something out! ...

Alright, on to play Viewtiful Joe...I might sign onto FFXI today and just work on crafting or something, it's not like it's dangerous with lag XD I can't wait to start making the good stuff, waaaay down the road I know, but, oh man making crossbows and bows *___*

Ne Shaun, I hope the grounding ends early, that sucks... ._.


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Questing~ [18 Mar 2005|11:50am]
[ mood | =\ ]

...alright dammit, I fully understand that they want to get intimate and whatnot, but I really really really really DON'T need to hear them having sex or whatever on that rickety loud bed of hers EVERY DAMN NIGHT!!! Argh!! ><

I seriously don't need to start my day off hearing my roommate having an...umm...you know... ::face turns red::

My ears, my ears, God save my ears...




Onto FFXI now... ^^;

Actually started questing for a change. Did 4 or 5 of them I believe...and when I saw what the items needed were, I started kicking myself in the ass. Many many many many many many times.

I could've done this shit like the first NIGHT I played X_X

Not to mention the stacks and stacks of quest items I've thrown out...aaauuuggghhh I'm such an idiot ><

Especially the one with the Crawler drops. 600 gil per 3 crawler calculi or silk thread spools. That's not bad, at all.

But nope, all of those Yagudo bead necklaces, wild onions, rarab tails, insect wings, pots of honey, smooth stones, Yagudo feathers, mandy buds, etc etc etc...threw almost all of them out. Gaarrrr...


Anywhoodles...Jarlyn and I actually ended up *not* going to Sandy. She said that they had 5 friends come over unexpectedly, so she knew there was no way she'd be awake enough to stay up past the time I usually get a good/excellent connection (usually between 4-7am).

I need to and MUST be able to see where the mobs are, WITHOUT warp. Since she doesn't have a Holla gate crystal, we're just gonna get a Tele-Dem, run through Dunes (that place is evil, EVIL, and we both gotta avoid aggro, so warp on my end just wouldn't cut it, a gob would probably sneak up on me and that'd be that), then run through La Theine, where the Orcs are strong enough to be able to make quick work of her (She said that there were still mobs in Tahrongi Canyon that were killing her... X.x;;). Hopefully she wouldn't get aggro, but in the case that she did, I gotta be able to run over there and throw the big green monster a swift Sneak Attack in the ass. In fact...the first time I wandered into La Theine while trying to meet up with Steve, I got aggro'ed by an Orcish Grunt and an Orcish Stonechucker and died. So yeah...we gotta fight those bastards together ^^;

Once we got to Ronfaure...it'd be a straight shot up to the Elvaan kingdom. Mobs in Ronfaure = {Too weak}. Hehe.

It'll be a really fun trip, I can't wait ^o^

So what did we do instead? :O?

Well, we fought some mobs in Sarutabaruta and Tahrongi for quest items. Got a few good things, and also discovered...she likes anime too!!! :D!!!!

Hehe, Record of Lodoss War, the Slayers, Inuyasha, Tenchi, stuff like that...she loves Zelgadiss too (hot bish <3)

She is just so damn cool =3

She left shortly after though ; ; After she logged off for the night, I changed jobs to Warrior and leveled to 7.


While I was still on 17THF an LS member asked if I had subjob items ^^!! I said I did, but that I'd probably never reach 18 because I can't pt with my conn here... ; ; So then he offered to pl me!!!! He had to go soon after, but he said if we're both on Saturday night and he remembers (lol ^^;) he'd pl me to 18 ^^v

So back to my leveling as Warrior, hehe...collected some wind and earth crystals, and held onto them...started doing a little synthesis! Woodworking, I joined the Carpenters' Guild while I was in Sandy. It's gonna be great for Ranger and even my current job Thief, make my own arrows and bolts :D! Not to mention the freaking amount of gil you can make in woodworking if you get it to a high enough level. I'm gonna be jumping up and down in my seat if I actually get a +1 from synthesis x3!!! Luck, come on, luck~!!!

I bought a few supplies at the auction house, and started my woodworking career in the comfort of my own Mog House hehe (which now has stuff in it! Bed, chest, table, 2 water jugs, flowerpot and flowerpot stand! Now it actually looks like a friggin room heh). I made Arrowwood, Ash, and Lauan lumbers, and an Ash Club ^^ Each of those items only sold for like 200-500gil each, but hey, gotta start somewhere, ne? ^^; I have arrowheads and fetchlings for the arrows, but no arrowood logs (and I used the arrowwood log I bought to make lumber @_@). Ran back to the ah and they didn't have any ; ;

But sythesis is cool stuff ^^ I can't wait to start making the "hardcore" items, hehe...I'm also thinking of doing Cooking and/or Smithing, but we'll see.

Logged off at around 9am.


Well, if my roomie's bf ever leaves, I'm gonna call my dad, who is probably pissed off at the fact I haven't called home this week... O___o I'm supposed to go home today, I don't see the point though... -_-;; Whatever.

Speaking of my phone...OMG RACHEL AND BECCY I AM REALLY SORRY!! Aaaaahhh I've had my phone on silent all week and I don't check it daily for messages because I never expect to get them >< !!! Eeek...

That is all.


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