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...alright dammit, I fully understand that they want to get intimate and whatnot, but I really really really really DON'T need to hear them having sex or whatever on that rickety loud bed of hers EVERY DAMN NIGHT!!! Argh!! ><

I seriously don't need to start my day off hearing my roommate having know... ::face turns red::

My ears, my ears, God save my ears...




Onto FFXI now... ^^;

Actually started questing for a change. Did 4 or 5 of them I believe...and when I saw what the items needed were, I started kicking myself in the ass. Many many many many many many times.

I could've done this shit like the first NIGHT I played X_X

Not to mention the stacks and stacks of quest items I've thrown out...aaauuuggghhh I'm such an idiot ><

Especially the one with the Crawler drops. 600 gil per 3 crawler calculi or silk thread spools. That's not bad, at all.

But nope, all of those Yagudo bead necklaces, wild onions, rarab tails, insect wings, pots of honey, smooth stones, Yagudo feathers, mandy buds, etc etc etc...threw almost all of them out. Gaarrrr...


Anywhoodles...Jarlyn and I actually ended up *not* going to Sandy. She said that they had 5 friends come over unexpectedly, so she knew there was no way she'd be awake enough to stay up past the time I usually get a good/excellent connection (usually between 4-7am).

I need to and MUST be able to see where the mobs are, WITHOUT warp. Since she doesn't have a Holla gate crystal, we're just gonna get a Tele-Dem, run through Dunes (that place is evil, EVIL, and we both gotta avoid aggro, so warp on my end just wouldn't cut it, a gob would probably sneak up on me and that'd be that), then run through La Theine, where the Orcs are strong enough to be able to make quick work of her (She said that there were still mobs in Tahrongi Canyon that were killing her... X.x;;). Hopefully she wouldn't get aggro, but in the case that she did, I gotta be able to run over there and throw the big green monster a swift Sneak Attack in the ass. In fact...the first time I wandered into La Theine while trying to meet up with Steve, I got aggro'ed by an Orcish Grunt and an Orcish Stonechucker and died. So yeah...we gotta fight those bastards together ^^;

Once we got to'd be a straight shot up to the Elvaan kingdom. Mobs in Ronfaure = {Too weak}. Hehe.

It'll be a really fun trip, I can't wait ^o^

So what did we do instead? :O?

Well, we fought some mobs in Sarutabaruta and Tahrongi for quest items. Got a few good things, and also discovered...she likes anime too!!! :D!!!!

Hehe, Record of Lodoss War, the Slayers, Inuyasha, Tenchi, stuff like that...she loves Zelgadiss too (hot bish <3)

She is just so damn cool =3

She left shortly after though ; ; After she logged off for the night, I changed jobs to Warrior and leveled to 7.


While I was still on 17THF an LS member asked if I had subjob items ^^!! I said I did, but that I'd probably never reach 18 because I can't pt with my conn here... ; ; So then he offered to pl me!!!! He had to go soon after, but he said if we're both on Saturday night and he remembers (lol ^^;) he'd pl me to 18 ^^v

So back to my leveling as Warrior, hehe...collected some wind and earth crystals, and held onto them...started doing a little synthesis! Woodworking, I joined the Carpenters' Guild while I was in Sandy. It's gonna be great for Ranger and even my current job Thief, make my own arrows and bolts :D! Not to mention the freaking amount of gil you can make in woodworking if you get it to a high enough level. I'm gonna be jumping up and down in my seat if I actually get a +1 from synthesis x3!!! Luck, come on, luck~!!!

I bought a few supplies at the auction house, and started my woodworking career in the comfort of my own Mog House hehe (which now has stuff in it! Bed, chest, table, 2 water jugs, flowerpot and flowerpot stand! Now it actually looks like a friggin room heh). I made Arrowwood, Ash, and Lauan lumbers, and an Ash Club ^^ Each of those items only sold for like 200-500gil each, but hey, gotta start somewhere, ne? ^^; I have arrowheads and fetchlings for the arrows, but no arrowood logs (and I used the arrowwood log I bought to make lumber @_@). Ran back to the ah and they didn't have any ; ;

But sythesis is cool stuff ^^ I can't wait to start making the "hardcore" items, hehe...I'm also thinking of doing Cooking and/or Smithing, but we'll see.

Logged off at around 9am.


Well, if my roomie's bf ever leaves, I'm gonna call my dad, who is probably pissed off at the fact I haven't called home this week... O___o I'm supposed to go home today, I don't see the point though... -_-;; Whatever.

Speaking of my phone...OMG RACHEL AND BECCY I AM REALLY SORRY!! Aaaaahhh I've had my phone on silent all week and I don't check it daily for messages because I never expect to get them >< !!! Eeek...

That is all.

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