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Bored yay woo wee fun~!

Alright, I *must* find the game trailer that this kick-ass song goes to. It's a Konami game, it must be Japan only though because I've never read about it... o.o? It's called 'Oz'. That's all I know ^^;

::reminds self to do Google search later::

Parents are leaving for Las Vegas tonight...they're staying for a week.

I can't get a good connection in FFXI at the moment...bah...I'll wait until like 11 or so to start signing on again to check if I can get a stable connection...but I doubt it...I should seriously wait until midnight or 1am, a little earlier than usual (weekdays it's like, after 2, hell 4am even =\), but on Saturday nights it's usually A LOT better since people are out and such.

I'm gonna take Jarlyn to San d'Oria tonight ^^ It should be really fun!! I hope we get to La Theine at a lucky time and see the Summoner rainbow! That'd be fucking awesome ^___^! Really really ridiculously small chance that may actually happen but hey, you never know...

Also gonna send Steve a POL message asking if he's gonna be on late tonight, I really hope we get to camp nms together again ^.^

In fact... ::opens up POL:: ...heh heh, might as well get it started so I don't forget, I hate my terrible memory ^^;;;;;;;;

So for now I'm just gonna play and hopefully finish or get close to finishing Viewtiful Joe, then I can officially start bothering Errick for the second one or Devil May Cry 3 ;D

Speaking of Errick...The Incredibles came out on DVD...I think I'm gonna ask him if we can watch it sometime, we were supposed to see it in the movies together but I was asleep when he called to invite me with him... ^^;;;

And we gotta meet up again sometime... =)

And Becky!! I don't have a lot of money for transportation or anything >< We gotta figure something out! ...

Alright, on to play Viewtiful Joe...I might sign onto FFXI today and just work on crafting or something, it's not like it's dangerous with lag XD I can't wait to start making the good stuff, waaaay down the road I know, but, oh man making crossbows and bows *___*

Ne Shaun, I hope the grounding ends early, that sucks... ._.

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