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When pts go bad...

Jarlyn didn't sign on at all tonight...damn, and my connection was damn-near perfect for the trip ._.

Steve was on, but he was already camping an nm (and he got a drop!! ^^), and he went to level. He finally hit level 50, {All right!}

Congratulations, Steve ^^v Good luck on your Genkai quests!

I'm going broke in this game, fast...ammo, WHM spells, Mog House furnishings (I needed the space, bad), sythesis materials and gear (I have THREE sets of gear now O_o;) just drained my gil fast as hell. Damn...

Fought Canyon Crawlers in Tahrongi Canyon for a bit, but it was really because I wanted their drops. I then thought, "dammit, I want 18!!!!", so I went to the other side to fight tougher mobs. I attack a Wild Dhamel, making sure no others were around it, conn just, farts. Dropped to zero for a few seconds. Next thing I know, I've got not one, not two, but FOUR fucking dhamels link attacking me, and since my connection was being fucked up I couldn't activate Perfect Dodge.

Needless to say, after I died, I thought "fuck it...", and decided to try to level Warrior. I've pretty much come to terms I've never gonna get level 18 at this rate so I've basically given up on leveling Thief at the moment... ._.

So I switched my jobs in my Mog House, then went out to the wide open fields of East Sarutabaruta to hack away at shit. Encountered a Mithra 6THF named Brunyld who offered to party...I accepted of course, and we fought away at a few mobs. Eventually a taru WHM/BLM named Zakaru sent me a /tell asking to pt with us, and I invited him in ^^ Then he made the suggestion that we go out to Tahrongi Canyon.

Big, big, just plain big...mistake.

When we got there, first, he had to go afk for a bit...and during that time, the THF had to leave, so it was just me and Zakaru. first mob we encountered RAPED us X_X Yeah I was voking, but the strength of the monster...well, after the dumb Strolling Sapling dropped us, we just HP'ed, and decided maybe we needed more members ^^; So I invited a 6SMN/WHM (Sylphsephir), and the THF eventually came back! {All right!} The party:

7WAR (Me)

So maybe we could finally take those Tahrongi mobs!

...not. -_-;;

Got raped by a Mandy this time, it died sure, but not before killing three of us *right* before Brun delivered the killing blow. She only had 6HP left too, heh. We lasted a lot longer with the summoner, but the mobs were just too much, and Zakaru said before disbanding and logging, "Maybe we shouldn't be a pt". Sylph eventually agreed, but he said he liked us ^^ So Brun logged, Sylph hp'ed back to Bastok and logged, and I hp'ed and decided to go back to my regular job (17THF), get a Tele-Holla, and go to Sandy to maybe try working on crafting.

Why Sandy you may ask? IS the place where Carpenters' Guild is ^^; So they'd have more materials. Trust me when I say that Windy is SHIT at providing woodworking supplies. It sucks -_- I love my country, but damn... ^^;

So I got a Tele-Holla and ran to Sandy. Brought my Moogle over, and saw a strange sight, a PC as a...Forest Hare? Wtf? It actually hoped around in circles around me for a bit o.o''

Anyway... ^^;; I went to the auction house, and OMG they had arrowwood logs!! Windy didn't have any of those for auction!! ^^;

Bought 1, went to mog house, and tried to make arrows...only to see "Synthesis cancelled, combination not correct" or some shit like that.

I was kinda pissed >< Damn Brady guide. And I wasn't in the best mood after the party disaster... ._.

So I stood in the rent-a-room for a while...really bored, really lonely (Steve had long since logged out, Drako was in Dunes but no way I was gonna travel all the way over there at that time, it was like 7am-ish I think), and I had no will to level anything, so I just logged.

But hehe, I'm in Sandy so at least it'll make it easier for me to meet up with Steve if he's camping nms again tonight...


And that was my night ^^;

So now, I will go to sleep in the next hour or so, and hopefully eat, I'm sleepy and starving. Nice combo, eh?

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