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The trip to San d'Oria with Jarlyn ^^

HAPPY BIRTHDAY psychic_river!!!

Hehe ^^


Now for my travels in FFXI! ^^;

Finally took Jarlyn to San d'Oria last night. It was a really fun trip! Made it there without dying, we didn't even get aggro the whole time (not even in Buburimu Peninsula, which SUCKED >< All those fucking gobs, I remember there was a Gambler, a Mugger, a Leecher, and a tough Butcher all in a damn row on the road once x_x). *Just* made the boat in Mhaura too, it departed about 10 seconds after we boarded O.O

Boat ride to Selbina

That's Jarlyn and I looking back at our homeland of Windurst as we sailed to Selbina. I noticed that you could see Heaven's Tower in the distance (it's the big tree out on the land)...I thought that was really cool, such detail in FFXI @_@ Very nice, calm and peaceful boat was a beautiful day out, no rain or anything, calm waters and skies ^^ There were only like, 6 people on the boat, and this one Taru DRK kept catching all sorts of monsters ^^;

We arrived in Selbina, and trekked through Valkurm Dunes (not before going on /anon heh...I'm level 17, she's level 14, so we probably would've gotten invites there ;x). Didn't see many monsters there but we joked about the evil sheep (because yes, EVERYONE thinks the sheep are evil, and they are =P).

And then...La Theine Plateau ^^ It was nighttime, but I told her that it's a much more beautiful place during the day with the sun out ^^ Took her to the Crag of Holla so she could get the crystal, then we ventured up towards West Ronfaure, but not before laying waste to a few Orcs, and spotting a "Battering Ram" XD (Which was Tough to me...thank god it didn't see us, rams are aggro I believe o.o;). Made it to foggy-as-hell West Ronfaure (Jarlyn: "Does anyone else feel like they just stepped into a Silent Hill game?"), and I ran right in the middle of an Orc camp, sorta forgetting they would've aggro'ed Jarlyn because of her level >< !! Thankfully, the mobs in Ronfaure are kinda on the weak side, so it was no problem getting rid of them ^^v

A few minutes later, we finally made it to Sandy, and we brought our moogles over and she logged off for the night.

While I was in the mog house, I got a /tell from Steve =D! He'd logged on for a bit to check his auctions...after he finished with that, he flew over to Sandy from Jueno to come visit me, and we met up outside the Carpenters' Guild ^^ He also got new armor! It looks sweet!!

Me and Steve outside the Woodworking guild

That's us in Sandy, hehe ^.^ I was so happy to see Steve again *^^* That made my night, what a great way to end the time on FFXI that day =)

He logged shortly afterwards, and I logged too, as my connection was starting to get shitty T-T

Not sure what I'm gonna do tonight, Jarlyn might head over to the Dunes so she can catch up her level with mine, and we'll probably head back to Tahrongi or maybe even Buburimu to take on some mobs together. Maybe I'll do some synthesis or level up Warrior for a bit...I'm saving leveling Monk for when I can do that with Jarlyn, she's leveling her Warrior as well so we're just gonna level those together ^^


Well, I'm gonna kill time until about 1am or so...

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