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More from Vana'diel-land~

This song brings back memories, hehe...I really hope we get to sit there sometime again...

Aahhh hell I'm tired ^^;

Anywho...umm, FFXI, right <.<

So yesterday I didn't really do too much. Saw Mord and Mayana while I was in Sandy yesterday ^^ Of course, my connection was fucking up because of all of the people around the AH, so I didn't get all of Mord's tells >< ( I told him that I had a crappy connection so I really hope he doesn't think I ignored him or anything ._.)

I decided to run all the way back alone from Sandy to Windy, not only to kill some time, but because my Signet had worn off and I needed some crystals and Conquest Points. The run was fun, took a while hell yeah, but fun nonetheless ^^

Just so you all know Buburimu Peninsula SUCKS x.x

I think I actually hate running through there MORE than through the damn dunes O_o

But anywhoodles...yeah ^^; We got attacked on the boat too. Invaded by Crossbones/Ship Wights. Thank goodness I was on the other side of the boat, because those damn things were checking at IT O.O I would've gotten pizzerownd. x.x;;

God I CANNOT wait until I get Flee. I will be using that like a motherfucker lol, I'm actually trying to think of a good macro for it now ^^' So far in the game I've seen "/em is Uber Speedy" and "/say they call me sonic..." Damn, I was actually thinking of the sonic one too...hmm...I don't know, it'll probably come to me ^^;

I know it's not needed but blah, macros are fun =p I'd probably end up NOT using it *every* time heh, just to help cut down the spam a bit ^^;

So yeah, I got back to my home in Windurst, brought my moogle back over and fought a bit to gain some experience and get crystals. Oh yeah, and get this:

Windurst is third, THIRD, in the Vana'diel conquest.

NOOOOOOOOO ; ; Augh, damn you San d'Orians and Bastokans for knocking us down from first to last!! Nooooo ;_;

Ahhh I will have Signet cast on me as much as I can!! This is terrible, for shame, how can my fellow Windurstians let this happen, nooo ._.


So yeah, yesterday. Ran back to Windy from Sandy alone and lived. Geez, I remember when I first told Steve and Shaun that I'd taken Jarlyn to Sandy a few days ago, the FIRST question they both asked me was, "Did you guys make it there without dying?" I mean COME ON have more FAITH in me god dammit e.e;;;;;

Oh yeah, got my Woodworking skill to level 1 also. w00t on my way to making the good stuff ^^ It's a long way, but hey I'm on the start. I might take up Smithing too...

So, now to earlier today (meaning starting from like 2am lol):

Got my Warrior up to level 10. {All right!} Ditched the leather gear and bought scale mail...ooooo she REALLY looks like a tank now ^^ And of course I didn't take a picture of Yulana in the new scale mail, aahhh >< I'd go in now but she's in her skimpy starting outfit... <.< (There's a reason for that lol, I'll get to it in a bit :p) I really like the way the scale armor looks on her hehe. I'll take a picture of her tonight ^^

After that, I had to get back to Sandy. Jarlyn was still there >< (And so was her hp) And of course, me being the huge worrywart I am, I put my hp back in WINDY WOODS >< !!!! So I couldn't ghetto warp as a naked lvl 1 BLM ; ; (, I'm not kidding haha. I switch my job to BLM, unequip EVERYTHING, then run out, poke some random monster and let it kill me, then I warp back to hp. All hail the ghettowarp XD) I go out, shout a few times for a Tele-Holla, even bumped the price up to 1000gil...nothing ._. So I /told Jarlyn I had to run there on my own. I didn't bother switching to my 17THF for safety, thought it'd take too long with my connection (well...bah, I just didn't feel like it then re-arranging all my shit in the safe -.-). So I started to run to Mhaura. Made it, hehe. Also there waiting for the boat, was a Taru named Soloment. I had seen him earlier today as I had gotten my Warrior to level 10, he threw me a few Cures and Protects ^^v We talked for a bit, and me and Jarlyn got into some really personal turns out she met her boyfriend online too!! They're living together now ^^

So after the calm boat ride (even though in the last minute or so of it, it actually started to thunderstorm, there was lightning O.O), the boat docked in Selbina. Me and Soloment were the only ones on it at the time ^^; He gave me a final Protect, and waved /goodbye, as he went there to party in the dunes ^^ I just ran on through to La Theine Plateau, then to West Ronfaure, and eventually to South San d'Oria, where Jarlyn was waiting for me ^^

Took care of some business at the ah, and I gave her my Bronze Axe for her Warrior ^^ I put all of my leather gear on auction there, then we decided we'd level our other jobs a bit. So she switched to WAR, and I switched to WHM since it was closest to her WAR's level (her war = lvl 2, my whm = lvl 4). She left her starting gear in her storage back at Windy so she had to run to the store in her underwear (lmao), and buy bronze gear ^^; And I was stuck with my skimpy and revealing-as-all-hell Mithran starting gear, I had sold my other mage gear since I was running out of space >o<

She leveled to 4 (nice), and I got my healing magic to level 2 XD Soon after that Jarlyn had to log, and I logged a while after.

Steve sent me another 'Good morning' /tell before I logged, yaayy ^^

Hehe one more thing...JARLYN SHE SAW THE SUMMONER RAINBOW OVER THE CRAG OF HOLLA!!!!!!! Aaaahhhh ; ; That's so rare!! She took a screenshot, I can't wait to see it ^.^

I'm probably gonna just level my MNK a bit and do some synthesis tonight while waiting for Jarlyn to log on. I hope Steve and I get to camp nms again too...

Anywho...I'm tired...I'm hungry...I'm gonna sleep in a bit.

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