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BYOBs and Cigaros, yo! ...and I need to eat better...


SOAD sounds...a little different.

...I like it!!! :D

Downloaded 'Cigaro' and 'B.Y.O.B.' (both from their upcoming Mesmerize album, one half of their double album release this year...the second album to be released is Hypnotize) today...I really like them! I personally prefer Cigaro, hehe, but BYOB is still good stuff ^^v Definitely nice that they've changed up their sound a bit, still up-and-in-your-face and political of course, heh, but they have Daron singing more than before...and the music...aahh you just gotta hear it! Man oh man I can't wait for their new album, May 17th will not come fast enough...oh boy!!

I love SOAD ^^


Alright, now to not-so-good stuff...

Had a bit of a scare earlier today. Alright...about 98% of yesterday was spent sleeping, literally. As a result of me sleeping like a log all day, I didn't eat AT ALL yesterday, I didn't even drink anything...woke up after midnight (today/early early morning today), and as soon as I sat up in bed, I felt like I was gonna collapse. I just lay back down and closed my eyes for a bit...opened them again, and once again felt like complete and total shit. Climbed down from my bed, and took every single inch of effort for me to NOT just collapse on the ground. I knew right away, it was the lack of food.

Felt exactly the same way as I did when I fainted a few years ago in the bathroom of all places...thank god I didn't hit my head on the sink, toilet or tub or something...

Went to brush my teeth, and the whole time I did that, I kept falling and leaning on the wall and the sink, my body was just trying to shut down completely. I fought it, it was hard but I did manage to make it back...I grabbed some chocolate and a can of Coke, figured I needed some quick sugar, and climbed back up in bed and ate and drank. I slowly started to feel slightly better...I took about a 20 min or so nap (it was about 2am-ish I believe?), then climbed down, still a little woozy, but it was easier to walk around at least...put on some Chef Boyardee ravioli, and ate. Felt A LOT better after that (I'll just say...felt better enough to stay on FFXI for the next 5-6 hours ;p).

By afternoon today I was completely fine ^^

I know my eating habits here suck ass. Ever since I threw up the food from the cafeteria twice in a row I never went back there again. So now I just live off soups, ramen, cup noodles, oatmeal, Chef Boyardee, soda and whatever snacks I have...I bought a Bowl Apitit a few days ago, chicken pasta flavored...I wanna make the food last though (as well as not get sick of eating soups all day O_o), so I started eating less and less to the point I'd go all day eating just one "meal". Maybe snacks during the day, but for the most part I'd make myself last off one packet of ramen or one cup noodles per day. Somedays I didn't even eat soup, just snacks and soda all day.

Soon after I started that, there'd be days I'd eat practically nothing. We're talking like...a soda and a few cookies, that's it all day. Hell I've went a few days just drinking sodas and a bottle of water.

Just as long as I didn't go into that damned cafeteria...I didn't wanna throw up that food again...

Well, now I have what just happened last night/early morning today. Could barely fucking walk, it was seriously a damn miracle I didn't faint and go unconscious on the floor.

So now I've decided I am gonna make the effort to eat more regularly at least...yet still avoid the damn cafeteria x_x (Yes, I'm that scarred from upchucking my food those times -.-;;) Unfortunately my money's going down fast, too fast, I wanted to buy a pizza but it'd be 7 dollars, and if I added mozzerella sticks it'd jack it up to 12...well, that price can actually buy me enough snacks to last me at least half a week from Rite-Aid, hell maybe even a 12-pack or two of sodas.

I really wanted that fucking pizza though. ;_;

I just got billed $20 bucks for the first month of FFXI ($20 for the first month only, because you pay for the initial content ID to actually make a character and have a POL account which was about $8-$9, then $13 for the regular month after the trial expires...from now on it'll just be the normal $13 a month to play), so now I have about $100 on my bank account. I need contacts, that's $100 right there. Can't fucking afford them. I have no checks so I can't deposit anything (my mom has them -.-) I'd only deposit like 10 bucks or something but hey, it's better than nothing, I'm trying to work with what little I have =\

So yeah...the occasional treat to can do for now. Well...meh, I might cave in, who knows. Want...pepperoni pizza...

I also still wanna go home to see Errick again, despite the fact it'll cost me $12 I don't care at this point, just as long as I have enough to go see him...I need to call him...I gotta talk to him...

I need to send a text message to Becky too...damn I'm so lazy ^^;



Ooohhh, can't mention NOTHING about my wanderings in FFXI hehe. Well...I still need to type up my adventures from last week (which I'll do sometime, and with screenshots!! ^^), but I wanna say "YAY!!" because I finally spoke to Steve again for a bit yesterday and the day before =D!! Oh man I was so happy to get those /tells from him, it'd been so long since I'd spoke to him, like a week actually, heh...but he said he wasn't feeling too great =[ So I sent a flower to his mog house to hopefully cheer him up a bit ^^ I told Jarlyn I was sending him a flower since he wasn't in a good mood, and she sent him one too :D (Said it was because of how nice I talked of/about him hehe, that she wouldn't wanna hear about him being in such a bad mood, so she wanted to help him feel better as well =^.^= Jarlyn rocks!) He got the flowers yesterday, and he liked them ^^ He left a little early to film stuff for a skate shoot :O!

I hope to talk to him again soon and camp more nms with him sometime ^^

Current job levels:


Mage play ain't bad, I really like it hehe. I also like BLM a lot more than I thought I would; I still prefer WHM though, I love throwing out Cures and Protects to people ^^ I can't wait to get Raise...

I guess DRK really is a possible option at this point...who knows, PLD maybe? Because tanking is fun ^.^ Heh heh we'll see, I'll probably end up trying out all of the jobs eventually...

But I know this for sure: I'll always love THF =^.^= And that WILL be the first job I get up in the high levels and grab my AF for.


Oh yeah regular level 1 crossbow bolts jumped from 1k to 1.5k. Goddamn bastards who jack up the price -_- By the time I'm RNG it's gonna be ridiculous...I swear when my Woodworking skill gets high enough to make bolts I'm gonna try to lower the price, 1.5k for level 1 bolts is just fucking unnecessary.

Economy in the game is screwed...


Well, I'm about to take a nap...hopefully now that I actually ate food today I should wake up before midnight or so so I can be on AIM at a reasonable time...eheh ^^;

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