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Random FFXI Screenshot ^^

Have around $20 left now...bought more stuff at Rite-Aid...damn, if I don't go home and get more money this weekend I am SCREWED.


Sarah-chan, I'll have that SOAD entry for you soon! Just gotta figure out which songs to upload for ya... ^^;


Alright!'s a random screenshot from FFXI ^^ An old screenshot, we don't even look like this anymore lol ^^; (And I take much better quality screenshots now... >.>)

Steve and I camping Stray Mary
Steve and I in Konschtat Highlands camping NM Stray Mary
Februrary 21st, 2005

Yeah, this one is pretty old, we've both had 2 major armor and weapon upgrades since this, heh (and gained quite a few levels too). We never got to see Mary...we went to camp Lizzy after this, didn't see her either, but it was still fun hanging together that night ^^

Jason (Drako) went to Jueno for the first time today!! His LS took him there ^^ I hope I get to see Jueno someday, I heard it was a really nice city, I can't wait! I might ask Steve to take me over, maybe this weekend or so if I end up staying here...

Alright, sleep is taking over me (and I don't think I'm gonna be on FFXI much tonight...kinda late for me to be taking my daily nap...damn I hope I wake up by midnight lmao), so I'm gonna go lay down ^^;

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