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The Path to Jeuno...but it all ends there for now.

...i made it.

it was a difficult journey, but memorable indeed.

it's like a rite of passage for all ffxi players...hehe. and i finally walked it.

it all started this morning when i was about to start shouting for a tele-holla in windy woods. jarlyn hadn't signed on, and i didn't feel like soloing anything, i decided since i was still getting hellish lag at the time i'd head to sandy to work on my craft. however, i also noticed that someone else was shouting for tele-holla as well, so i sent him a /tell asking if i could accompany him if he were to get one. he was a really kind taru named Armin, he was fishing (as many do in our home hehe), and we made a bit of small talk ^^ he said he wasn't having too much luck with the tele...he then said he may have had to grab a chocobo to get over there. i mentioned that my 18thf was my highest job, and he exclaimed, "oh, you're new! ^^". i told him i couldn't wait to get out of dunes, and that i wanted and couldn't wait to see jeuno.

he then asked me if i wanted to go over there.

without hesistation, i accepted, and he went back to his mh, told me to meet him at the gate, and that he'd take me to jeuno =D! i grabbed a soda hehe, then we set out to the canyon. made it through there just fine, then, to meriphataud mountains. he explained what the "spine" really was (that's cool ^^), that they had ballista matches in the zone, and also warned me about the mobs there...eek ; ; as we approached the spine, i noticed there were pcs with little red sandy squares next to their names. i soon saw windy ones too:

i don't know how i guessed it, but the first thing that popped up in my head was, "OMG IS THIS BALLISTA O.O"

hehe, armin said, "wow, a ballista match!! let's watch ^^" and we ran over to the npc to try and catch some action ^o^ he also made a comment about how everyone was running around invisible lol (i think i literally ran into a bunch of them was really funny pressing tab and getting targets outta nowhere XD). they were all lvl 74-75 too O.O

while we were standing there though, a gob popped and aggroed us >< we tried to take it down, but the hits were just too much for both of us...we both died AND dlvled ;o;!! (i'm now a 17thf, my HPs...where did my hps gooooo i'm below 300 now T-T) he got someone to raise us though hehe, he was 43rdm, and he decided to run us over there ^^

the match ended while we were still dead...sandy won -_- damn you san d'orians!!!! XDDD

anyway... =P

so with an escort by our side, we ran to sauramouge champaign...where my conn decided to be bitchy again >< i got aggroed by a gob, and right when i was gonna activate the PD, a tabar beak hit me twice for ~180 dmg. needless to say, it 2-shotted me x_x the rdm raised me though, and he escorted us to the zone safely after that.

the zone...i looked at that bridge and a small grin formed on my face. i knew what that bridge was...armin said, "just a few steps", and then...


i made it to jeuno.

it was 7am this morning when i took my first steps in there.

man, i had THE BIGGEST smile on my face when i walked into that city and heard that lovely music playing in my ears ^___^ i hp'ed, got my moogle set up, and he showed me how to get to qufim and also walked me over to the magical maps in lower jeuno so i could get a map of qufim (and also to let me experience a taste of the lag there XD).

he had to leave soon after, he said he'd send me a /tell one day to see how i was doing ^^ after he left i just ran up and down the streets like a little kid seeing a new neighborhood for the first time, i was so excited.

i saw saboteur too (one of Shaun's friends ^^), he was shouting for help on one of his AF quests. i sent him a /tell and he remembered who i was!! =D

armin and lilthrill (the rdm who escorted us through sauramouge) kept joking about how i'd probably lag out (armin: "your conn is THAT bad huh?! uh oh...there are so many ppl in jeuno it'll probably look like a strobe light on your monitor screen" XDD;; ::sweatdrop:: ) well...that strobe light comment wasn't far from the truth, god damn x.x

and soon as i stepped into the zone my conn dropped to 0% O.o!?

but lovely ^^

I love the world in this game...hehe.

I signed off soon after, not really much I could do there. My connection was lagging like a mother there, and there was NO WAY IN HELL I was gonna try to run back to Windy on my own what with there still being lag on my end ><

Dammit I *hate* my connection here >< !!! I can't wait to play this at home...

It really make it this far in the game yet still be so behind where you should be. To make it this far and see people you crossed paths with pass you, but know you'll never be able to reach them. to make it this far...and know that you're not gonna be able to go anywhere else now. That's it, I'm stuck, I'm done until I attain more levels.

I'm so close to Qufim, Armin even said I could still land a party there at 18 (hell Jason said he'd seen level 16s there), but I can't party there. I can't party at all. All of the times I've done that people have died because I couldn't perform my role correctly. Yes, me. I was a WAR, I was a WHM, both important jobs in any party and I could barely do shit.

It's like Dunes...I run through there all the time (hellhole of a place lmao), and I *ALWAYS* want to just stop and put my flag up. I don't have this drive to gain levels because I wanna be the most uber player, I want to gain levels so I can do more, and see more, be able to better help others who have maybe just started and want an escort somewhere...Jason's even passed me. He was level 26 and in Kazham when I last spoke to him.

I just thought...well I have quite a few linkpearls...

~Shaun's old and broken one (my first pearl, I'm never letting that one go)
~LittleFeathers (had it equipped for a while but didn't really like the people on it... =\ It is a HUGE linkshell, been around for over a year, highly active, I know I would've had many great oppurtunities and done many things if I stayed in this, but I just wasn't really fond of the members on it or the atmosphere O.o)
~ChurchOfZifnab (now here's a linkshell I did like, and decided to keep equipped for a while. Very kind members, hey I remember they were even talking about anime once :D But even still I just can't seem to fit in here O.o They've had some events but I can't do them, I'll have that problem for a while now but doubt I'll be going anywhere in this linkshell, I'll up for giving it a really good chance when I'm on a good connection at home)
~RedAngelsGuild (the ls that me and Jason are running ^^ ...but he's doing NOTHING with it, I recruited 2 members in 2 days, both newbies at the game that I helped in Windy hehe, set the damn message, thought of like 5 ideas of events and he's only recruited one person...and never even logged into it x.x I do understand he's heavily involved with his other ls but if you own a linkshell...why am I doing more of the work lol =\)
~LilGreenCactuars (the ls that Steve and one of his friends started ^^ I'm actually gonna have this one equipped more often because of Steve, but their levels...good god x_x I must be on at horrible times because I never really see anyone on this ^^; Ah...)

The whole linkshell thing just doesn't seem to be flying with me. I don't know why, maybe it is my levels and inability to actually do shit in the game, but right now it's not really working out =[

I really wanna ask Steve if he can give me a little PL (at the least I wanna get level 18 back) but he's not on during the hours I get a decent connection anymore ._.

I know I'm FAR from where Shaun and Steve are, but even still I dream about how cool it'd be to party with them or at least watch all of the cool stuff they do at their level. Steve's gonna be decked out in AF soon hopefully, he's already gotten his first piece I think, awesome =) Shaun too, but he's gotta get back on... ; ;

I just hope that when I finally reach those levels they're still around in Vana'diel...

I've always wanted to play this game since it came out for PC years ago, I held out, waited some more...then at the beginning of this year I just kept being subject to Steve and Shaun always talking about their happenings in FFXI. It's not that I didn't wanna hear it, I even asked them how they were doing and for them to tell me their stories, I thought it was all so cool...then I just caved in and decided to get the game. I know my money was low and even worse now but I just wanted to try it out. I had a newfound reason to start playing it.

But now I wonder if I'm ever gonna have that chance in the game. I will still keep playing probably until I see at the least most of the stuff contained in the Zilart expansion but if they're not much as I'll miss Jarlyn, Justin, Jason (wow...all 'J's rofl XD), and everyone else I'm sure to meet, I may decide to finally let my character be erased from the records of Caitsith ._.

Many times I've sat in my mh or lonely in the fields of Sarutabaruta, La Theine, and Konschtat just watching the sunrise and sunset. (Though I've watched countless with Steve hehe =^^=) But now it seems I take runs from Windy to Sandy and back not really because I actually HAVE to go there...but because I just want something to do, something to kill time.

Even in an MMORPG you can feel this lonely... ._.

When I get my mage jobs to 10 I'm just gonna sit there and wonder what the hell am I gonna do now...

...meh. Now I think I'm just rambling ><

Well, I'm gonna eat soup or something. Hungry @.@

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