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A faint noise in the distance...

Holy crap! o.o

Just a short post to say I am alive, breathing, and... I do still exist. Somewhere ^^;;

Re-worked my profile page a little hehe.

Ridiculously behind in all things anime and J/K/C/anime/etc-music, I think I'm back about 2 years or so T.T;; I really wish I could find a way to get back into them...

Next week, on my day off I will attempt to type a rather long post summarizing about 1-2 years' worth of events.

For now, I gotta run, my supervisor invited me to play laser tag with a few of his buddies, taking the 4 o'clock train to Market-East station to meet up with him. 20 years old and still no permit or license, I still can't fucking drive ; ;

Hehe but otherwise, I hope everyone has been doing well!

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