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there is no beginning to the story

"i'm done feeling like a skeleton, no more sleepwalking dead"

Kristina meow <3
26 June 1986
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Hello. You have reached the LJ of Kristina, a short, shy, and quiet 21 year old woman who currently lives with her boyfriend Steve in the town of Grantham, New Hampshire. Works as a full-time Copy & Print Center associate at Staples. Her birthdate was on June 26th, 1986.

She loves music, video games, anime, manga, writing poetry, and a few other things she can't remember at the moment. Her memory is quite horrid.

She loves so much music that if you asked her what types of music she listens to, she would only say, "Anything I can get my hands on." The range is very broad, encompassing rock, J-pop, Classical, Video game, Trance, 80's, rap, and many many other genres. The music she listens to the most is rock, with her favorite types being indie and 90's alternative. Kristina loves her music.

Her favorite genre of video games is RPG, however she will play any game as long as it is fun and enjoyable. She considers SquareSoft to be a god, and misses them before they became the cash cow that is SquareEnix. Her favorite game is Xenogears. Grew up on Sega Genesis and CD. Worships her original Playstation.
Currently playing Final Fantasy XI as a Mithra thief named Yulana on the Caitsith server. She, along with her boyfriend, quit playing FFXI at the end of June. She and her boyfriend are once again playing Final Fantasy XI as the Mithra/Hume duo of Yulana and Crails on the Caitsith server.

Currently addicted to Guitar Hero II. Thinks that top-hat Izzy Sparks is one of the sexiest video game characters ever made. But her boyfriend doesn't know that she feels that way.

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