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Send transmission to the one-armed scissor?

flesh-marked patches of wrapped paper around a worn heart
frigid hands like soft wollen skin grasp on rough leather
breeches that fail to give way to light's deceitful sight

stained words and feathered voices mark a once stale air
ruin its clarity, puncture small holes of tears and desperation
which only derive from misery's favorite companion

lost within its own silent reverie, never again knowing
the sensation of sincerity's pure embrace.

Wrote that last night while listening to "To Tell the Truth" from then Ghost in the Shell ~Stand Alone Complex~ song. I mention the song because the words started to come to me while it was playing...definitely influenced the mood of was also inspired by how I was feeling at the I go through the strangest moods sometimes ><

On other things... ^^;

God dammit I hate the heating system here -.-''

During the winter time when we actually needed heat, it only worked about 40-50% of the time. When you have a roommate who for some reason that I don't even think God understands likes to OPEN the windows so it's Arctic chill all the time, it sucks!! ><

But now that the temperatures are starting to rise a bit (we had a mild winter...the last few winters have been strangely mild, hmmm), our heater works a little too well.

I woke up today covered in fucking sweat [/tmi] X_x Which really sucks because I was gonna try to see someone this week...



I played the living shit and hell out of FFXI this weekend. I'll type about that later, heh, don't feel like remembering it all at the moment ^^;

However, I missed last night, I fell asleep way early since Shaun signed on AIM literally right when I had my cursor hovering in my away messages to put my 'Sleep' one up ^^; So I got no sleep before midnight, and as a result, at 2am...boom crash, Kristina's knocked the hell out on her bed XD

Normally I would've just shrugged that off, but...DRAKO WAS ON FFXI LAST NIGHT AND I MISSED HIM ; ; Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh the ONE night I'm not on, god dammit GAH shitty timing >_< He lives in the UK so he's 6 hours ahead, so he's always on during the *day*, when my college's OIT says "Fuck your connection!!" and I usually can't even sign onto POL ;_; I'm on when he's either asleep or at work lol.

He called in sick from work *just* so he could actually be online at the same time as me...and I sleep through it...

Gah I'm pissed >< I feel horrible...

(Number of times Kristina has been pissed off this week due to something going wrong because of sleep: 2 ^^;)

And it's only Tuesday... `.`;


Off to play Viewtiful Joe and maybe even eat something ("O_O SHE'S EATING. ::hell freezes over::")


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