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Is it heavier than air?

::makes mental note to check her phone for messages tonight:: ><



Well...just found out today that if I'm not enrolled in a college soon ( the end of next month), I'm losing ALL of my insurance in June.

Not...good... ._.

I'm gonna apply to CCP as soon as I finish this heh <.<

It sucks though because as of now I don't have enough money to afford contacts OR updated lenses for my glasses. I'm currently wearing glasses with a prescription I've had for over a damn year, and my contacts ran out near the beginning of this year.

Contacts are $100. CCP application fee is $20.

Okay I have $100 in my bank account right now, and $20 on me. So after I apply I'm only gonna have $100 total.



There are fucking ANTS in the room. Wtf.

It's not just my side it's Christy's side too O_o A few days ago I saw this (no lie) 3-4in silverfish crawling on the floor. Huge fucker.

I can't wait to get out of this hellhole. Two more weeks...


Well I finally got my level back in FFXI, yay!!! Jason pl'ed me back to 18 ^.^ If he's on tonight he's gonna pl me to level 19 so I can pt with his RDM (who's also level 19...well, as of right now there's only a 1 level difference between us, so we CAN pt now if we wanted...but he doesn't wanna gimp any of my exp ^^).

Bought a Small Sword at the AH yesterday too. Level 19, 13dmg, 226delay, and +2dex. FUCK YES!!!

Yeah so it's not 15dmg like the Iron Sword +1 I was gonna buy (and it was level 18 meaning I could've used it now), but come on! PLUS 2 DEX. Couldn't pass that sucker up ^.^

I'll gladly take that hehe. {Additional}{Dexterity}{Yes, please.} = {Sneak Attack}{Impossible to gauge} XD

...okay okay okay so it's not THAT strong yet but hey I can dream ^^;

Finally got sold on using Monk as a sub, heh. I still think it's a boring job (even though I do love Counter and H2H...which makes it messed, you'd think I'd love Monk lmao), but jesus it's a marvelous sub for me. Stacked Boosts + SA + Weapon Skill (the WS if there's no lag meaning I can engage from far back mwahaha) = ::drool:: I'll just say during the pl yesterday, I did 193 damage to an IT Zu.

That's right, did Boost + Sneak Attack + Combo for 193 damage on that bird. I can't believe I didn't screencap that, that's my new record.

So yeah...WAR, I love ya as a job, fun as hell, but...Monk's the sub for me (until RNG anyway XD). And I'm gonna be H2H after I cap my dagger and sword skills after each job hehe. Right now my Dagger, Sword *and* H2H skills are capped so I'm good to go until level 19 ^^v I can't WAIT for 25 for the Flee ability, that's going to kick ass! And level 20, CHOCOBOS OMG!!!

Heh heh I love my job in FFXI...I'm so excited, level 30's gonna be great too, Ranger =D Also gonna give Dark Knight and Beastmaster a whirl too ^^ I might have to do Ninja, but I don't have an interest in it...meh =\ I wanna be THF/RNG. Ranged weapons are quite fun ^^

Can't wait to see what's in store for me in FFXI tonight... ^^

With that here's two screencaps from last night! ^^

Jason and I beating the living shit out of an Air Elemental. We pwned that thing :P
He was a 30WHM/15RDM for this fight. I was still 17THF/8MNK >< (But I've since gotten level 18 back so it's all good ^^)'s the second one! Hehe :D

This was hilarious XD Armin's nice mob train hehe, he dropped them all in one blow with an -aga spell, then sent me a /tell saying "that's how it's done XD"
I love that little guy ^^ (He was also the one who took me to Jeuno :] Lilthrill came and helped us through Sauromague Champaign after we died, he raised us heh ^^;)

Well, I'm gonna kill time until tonight doing something. And check my messages sometime... <.<


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