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Rising from the ashes! Again! XD

Thank you for the belated birthday wishes =) I'm 21 now w00t!

Also Happy Birthdays go out to everyone's whose b-days have passed, I know there've been quite a few eheh ^^;

Just a quickie entry, I really need to stop neglecting this thing... ^^;; Made a slight change to the profile, got a small promotion at my job (YEEAAAAHHH!! where's my raise, biotches >.>;;;) I am alive and well, currently visiting my family in Pennsylvania, I now have a 3-4 month old baby brother :D He is absolutely adorable!! He's a little ham hehe.

Sometime before I leave to go back home to New Hampshire on Wednesday, I'll try to post a longer entry. I hope everyone is doing well, I do miss you guys ; ;

Cheers for now ^^
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